How we started

The uniqueness of our services is not only from the partners we have and the solutions we offer, but within our origin as well. Most consulting groups are formed only by the experts in the fields to promote select services. However, our founders have experienced a lot of good and bad, when it comes to telecom organization of their respective businesses. After sharing their experiences and opinions with each other online, they have decided to come together, invite the best professionals in the field and form Phelama.

Knowing ins and outs of all things telecom and combining forces with the former executives and employees of major telecom companies, data management services, and IT agencies, Phelama was able to fit a niche in telecommunication consulting that was previously unfilled.

Our approach

The aim of our consulting services is to not only offer a solution for short-term, but to help the client to develop a long-lasting strategy for telecommunications, company data management, and other auxiliary services.

Of course, we do provide services to help big and small companies to properly arrange telecom when just starting out or rapidly expanding so that the company itself would focus on other aspects. However, self-sufficiency is the key. Once we help you with the initial tasks at hand, we don’t just pack our things and leave, we guide you through all the processes made for you and give you sound, clear advice on how to manage things in the future. That way, once the work is done, you will not need to come back for more and pay astronomical prices. Our consultancy is not only task execution – it is education.

How we work

After contacting us and getting a free consultation, Phelama experts will evaluate the situation and connect you with our partnering companies. These include the major telecom companies, as well as smaller, niche-oriented providers that might not be on your radar, but proved to be the right choice for certain situations. We will let them know what needs to be done and give you a plan of what will be done.

At the same time, we will not hold the advice on what could be done in the future from you. While our partners are doing their work, we will provide you with a guideline on what should be done in certain situations, while giving recommendations on the top companies to fulfill your tasks.


Let our actions do the talking

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