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Planning, resource management and reliable contractors


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Telecom Strategy

Resource management, flexible solutions and self-sufficiency

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Data Management

Software, hardware and integration with other company operations


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Going Digital

Long-term solutions, interconnectivity of all company functions and delicate consulting


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IT Strategy

Optimization, software, HR solutions and financial viability


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Telecom Audit

Technical review, optimization solutions and recommendations


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Phelama was founded by experts of IT, telecom and data management with years of experience, as well as various entrepreneurs that faced difficulties dealing with the management of all these aspects when handling their businesses.

Due to the ever-changing technological solutions and a head-spinning amount of telecom services, it is no longer viable to treat this aspect as secondary. That is why our consultants and experts will recommend only the best technological solutions on the market, while our managers will advise you on how to approach these questions on your own.


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